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Breakout Sessions VI-A
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Doing Business Across Cutlures

This presentation will cover basic considerations for successfully doing business across cultures.  With a focus on China, this dynamic discussion will provide a basic overview of cultural intelligence, cultural diversity and stereotypes, dimensions of cultural orientation, and practical applications for negotiation and conflict resolution.

David Kohl

International Trade Liaison
Oregon SBDC


Building and Maintaining a CGBP Training Program

Share tips, tools and lessons learned from 4 years of teaching a CGBP exam prep course.

Lorraine McCord

Creative Director, Xworks Project


Tax Havens: Their Impact on Global Expansion and Taxpayers

According to Standard & Poors, 46.6% of all S&P500 company sales were produced and sold outside of the U.S.  Many of them are able to do this through extensive use of international tax planning, with the result that more and more of their cash is parked not just offshore but in no-tax or low-tax destinations.   Tax havens make it much more cost-effective for large companies to expand, and have an enormous impact on income distribution, both in developed and less-developed countries.  Apple in 2012 and 2013 received negative press and was taken to task by Congress for its creative use of offshore tax plays, but there is a growing realization that this issue cannot be solved by the U.S. or any country alone.  The OECD late this past summer proposed ambitious changes to address these issues, but many questions remain about whether they will be able to accomplish their goals. Join in a thought-provoking discussion about the pros and cons and costs (both expected and unexpected) of tax havens and an exploration of possible solutions. 

Doris Nagel

President & Founder, Blue Sky Consulting Services

VI-D A Free Resource for Teaching, Education, and Training

globalEDGE, consistently one of the top international business websites on the Internet, offers the latest and most comprehensive international business and trade content for a wide range of topics. Among the myriad resources on globalEDGE are a Resource Desk with links to over 5000 high-quality international business websites, Academy with resources from syllabi to conferences announcements for educators and students alike, an international business blog, and sections on countries, states, and industries featuring insights on doing business in the world's markets and industries, and numerous other tools and resources for the international business educator, researcher, or practitioner. This presentation will also highlight the globalEDGE international business module series. These modules provide an excellent source of international business information to students around the world and are a great resource to prepare for the Certified Global Business Professional credential offered by NASBITE.

Sarah Singer

Assistant Director, Michigan State University International Business Center (MSU-CIBER)

Jade Sims

Outreach Specialist for Business and International Trade, Michigan State University International Business Center (MSU-CIBER)


Working with SMEs to Identify and Manage Exchange Rate Risk

How can a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) be long U.S. dollars and short Mexican pesos even when they are not actively trading currencies in foreign exchange markets? Many SMEs believe they are avoiding exchange rate risk by only buying and selling products in U.S. dollars, but that choice effectively makes them long U.S. dollars and short every currency in which they have foreign customers or suppliers. This session will identify the primary sources of exchange rate fluctuations, how firms engaging in trade unintentionally become long and short currencies, and the market tool SMEs are most likely to use to manage that risk, a forward contract. An economist will explain exchange rate fluctuations, risks and how forward contracts reduce risk. A regional banker will discuss forward contract availability and pricing. A couple of case studies will be used so that theory meets reality and participants leave with a practical understanding of foreign exchange risks as well as the management tool most frequently used for SMEs.

Laura Wolff

Instructor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Dan Grohn

Manager, Commerce Bank


Incoterms(C) 2010

With the latest version of incoterms® in effect is your company using them correctly? How can you use incoterms® to minimize your company's exposure, reduce risk, save money, and even increase sales? If you haven't been to an incoterms® training in a while, or at all, now would be a great time to catch up. Do you know how to use incoterms® in a quotation, letter of credit, proforma and commercial invoice? Do you know what to include in your terms of sale regarding incoterms®? If not, this class will help you understand how and when to use incoterms® to your advantage.

Mike Allocca

President, Allocca Enterprises Inc.

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