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2016 Host Institution Request for Proposals
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Issued by the NASBITE International Board of Governors   -   December, 2015

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1.0 Introduction

NASBITE International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  Established over 30 years ago, NASBITE International has become the leading U.S. organization supporting training and education in the field of global business.  Our four key activities are:

1. To coordinate and administer the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential.

2. To promote an exchange of information and resources among global business education and assistance professionals.

3. To offer professional development for those engaged in global business education and assistance.

4. To provide advocacy and leadership for global business education and trade assistance professionals.


The membership of NASBITE International includes faculty and staff at two-year and four-year colleges and universities (predominantly in the U.S.), federal and state-level export promotion and support organizations, and practitioners in global business that have attained their NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential.   

For most of NASBITE International’s history, the day-to-day management has been through a host institution at a U.S. college or university. Since 2008, the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University has served as the host institution.  The current contract expires June 30, 2016.  

Given NASBITE International’s strong national reputation, significant members, and potential for growth, there are a number of potential benefits and synergies to host organizations including: 

National and international exposure: activities are co-branded between NASBITE International and the host institution.

Leverage existing capabilities: college, university, and association management companies can leverage existing organizational assets (event planning, membership development, organizational management, etc.) 

Develop relationships with national and international organizations: NASBITE has close working relationships with leading organizations including the U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs, U.S. Department of Education), Forum for International Trade Training (FITT, Canada), International Association of Trade Training Organizations (IATTO, U.K.), and many state and local organizations.

Membership with large organizations: NASBITE International members include employees of leading companies including Caterpillar, Walmart, GE, Bose, and the U.S. government including 300 CGBPs working for America’s Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) and over 150 working for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service.

Potential for growth: The Certified Global Business Professional designation is a well-respected platform and program that can lead to significant growth.  Organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have leverage their professional certification programs to significantly grow the overall organization leading to membership growth and income.


This request for proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals for organizations that are interested in hosting NASBITE International beginning July 1, 2016.


1.1 Organizational History

In the early 1980's, a strong movement began to place international trade education in a more prominent position in colleges, universities, and various public service institutions. Many programs began, mostly at educational institutions, world trade centers, chambers of commerce, and other trade-related groups. In addition, Small Business Development Centers, funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, were beginning to join the groundswell of activity.

By 1986, John Otis, founding director of Oregon’s statewide program, decided it would be a good idea to invite all SBDC-, university-, and chamber-based international trade programs from throughout the country to a conference in Oregon. The conference, held in Portland in May 1988, sponsored by the Portland SBDC program, Seattle Community College, and the SBA, was a huge success, attracting 130 attendees from 30 states and Puerto Rico. The format for the conference was so successful that it became the basis for future NASBITE International (National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators) conferences.

A National Steering Committee was soon formed. Planning sessions were held in St. Paul, Minnesota, to develop the new organization and the next conference. At the end of two days, NASBITE International was born, six standing committees were formed, the mission statement developed, five major objectives were crafted, and an editor for the first newsletter was appointed.

In 1992, NASBITE International was awarded tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization. In 2000, NASBITE International embarked on a new mission to develop a credential that would raise the level of practice in the field, provide professional development goals, and showcase competency. 

Over the next several years, Jim Foley, from Bradley University, led the effort to develop the NASBITE International CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional) credential. NASBITE International contracted with Professional Examination Service (PES) in New York to help create the body of knowledge and the test protocol. In cooperation with numerous federal and state government departments, corporate partners, the Centers for International Business, Education, and Research (CIBERs), and international trade practitioners, the NASBITE International CGBP credential was developed. On March 20, 2005 the first credentialing exam was given.

To reflect the expansion of partners worldwide, NASBITE became NASBITE International in 2006. The new name was adopted to better reflect the expanded population of global business professionals being served by NASBITE International, beyond small business and educators. To date, nearly 1900 candidates have received the CGBP credential.

Since 2008, the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University has served as the host institution. As host, they provide a multitude of services, including day-to-day management of

organization operations, conference planning, CGBP exam and recertification support, and Board of Governors management.


1.2 Organizational Structure

NASBITE International maintains a Board of Governors (BOG) members of which are elected by the association's membership to a three-year term on a staggered basis.  The BOG may have up to 25 members.  Current membership is listed on the website:  

The Executive Committee (EC) of the BOG includes four elected positions:

 President (1 year term)

 Vice-President (1 year term)

 Secretary/Treasurer (2 year term)

The EC also includes the following permanent positions:

1. Immediate Past President – The office of Past President is one of the permanent offices of NASBITE International, to be filled for one year by the most recent President of the Board.

2. Two at-large positions (appointed by the President)

3. CGBP Liaison– Acts as a liaison to the EC from the various CGBP Committees.

4. At-Large Members (minimum of two) - will perform duties and roles as assigned by the Board of Governors.

5. Host Institution Representative – At the discretion of the Host Institution, they may choose to name a representative to this position.

6. Executive Director – serves as an ex-officio member of the EC.

7. Historian – responsible for maintaining the historical documents of the organization.

8. Governance Council Representative - serves as an ex-officio member of the EC.



NASBITE International maintains its Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and a Policies and Procedures (P&P) document.

1.3 Key Activities

The key activities of the organization include:

1.3.1 Board Meetings

There are two annual board meetings.  One is held on the opening day of the conference.  A second meeting of two days is held in the fall, generally in the city of the upcoming conference.  The host is responsible for coordinating these meetings, briefing the board on organizational progress and reporting the minutes of these meetings for the Board of Governors.


1.3.2 Executive Committee Meetings

Monthly EC meetings are held by teleconference year-round, with one annual meeting of the EC at the host’s location.  The host is responsible for coordinating these meetings and reporting the minutes of these meetings to the Board of Governors.

1.3.3 Annual Conference


The conference is held each spring in locations throughout the U.S.  Future and past conferences include:

 2017: Spokane, WA The Davenport (March 29-31, 2017)

 2016: Newport, RI Newport Hyatt Goat Island (April 6-8, 2016)

 2015: St. Louis, MO Chase Park Plaza

 2014: Memphis, TN The Peabody Memphis

 2013: Portland, OR The Nines


All past locations may be accessed here:  The most common conference format is 2.5 days in addition to preconference activities.  Attendance averages 160-200.  Room blocks are generally 400-450 total rooms and F&B in the range of $25,000 to $35,000.  


The conference has historically opened with a reception Wednesday evening followed by two full days of conference activities, which include breakfast and lunch both days, followed by a closing reception Friday night. Pre-conference activities include training programs (Monday and Tuesday), and the board meeting Wednesday.


Sample conference agenda may be found here: NASBITE International Conference Awards


At the annual conference, NASBITE International presents a number of awards including the John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award, the NASBITE International Trade Educator of the Year, Program Excellence Award, and the Advancing International Trade awards.  All procedures and policies for the awards are maintained in the NASBITE International P&P document.  The host manages the application process but an outside committee makes award decisions led by the Awards Chair. NASBITE International Student Case Competition


At the annual conference, NASBITE International runs a student case competition.  A corporate exporter is recruited to work with NASBITE International in advance of the conference to develop a business scenario that involves several possible export markets.  A call for student teams is made to business undergraduate programs and participating teams develop proposals for the company which are presented and judged at conference.  The host recruits the exporting company, works with the Board of Governors to identify someone who can prepare the case as well as suitable judges for the event, and then manages the promotion of the competition and the event itself.




1.3.4 NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional®  


NASBITE International created the CGBP professional credential which is widely recognized as the leading professional certification in international trade, especially within the United States.  It has been widely embraced by colleges and universities for faculty and students, industry, and U.S. government agencies including the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Two of the most significant activities relating to the CGBP are currently managed by separate entities and these activities fall outside of the scope of the RFP.  However the host organization must liaise with both entities:


● Exam Contractor: Activities associated with exam procedures, including exam registration and payment, exam administration, scoring, psychometric analysis, and score reporting are managed through an outside contract currently awarded to TestTrac Inc.



● Exam Test Bank and Exam Forms: Activities associated with creating exam forms and the associated test bank are conducted by the NASBITE International CGBP Governance Council, an independent group which reports to the NASBITE International BOG.  The Governance Council Chair serves in an ex-officio capacity on the NASBITE International BOG.



Though exam development, deployment, and scoring remains outside the scope of this RFP, the host has other activities directly associated with the NASBITE International CGBP including:


● Marketing and Promotion: manage all marketing and public relation activities associated with the CGBP.



● CGBP Recertification: manage all aspects of the CGBP Recertification process including database management, CEU reporting, and collection and tracking of recertification annual fees.



● Certified Trainers: process and approve application for individuals to become certified trainers.  More information at:



Accredited Training Programs: process and approve applications for institutions to approve their training programs. More information at:



● CGBP Website Information: The host organization maintains the NASBITE International website which contains considerable detail for both public pages and back-end data.  Please refer to the website section of the RFP for more details.



For further details of the NASBITE International CGBP please visit:



1.3.5 Trade Education Webinars

The host coordinates a series of webinars on trade-related topics for the membership.  NASBITE International board members help to identify topics and suitable speakers, while the host promotes these webinars to the membership and manages these events.

1.4 Plans for Growth



In addition to the current roster of key activities, NASBITE International has plans for two new areas of business growth.  

1.4.1 CGBP Training materials 



State-level delivery partners that have accredited training CGBP programs are important stakeholders that make a significant contribution to NASBITE International’s mission.  This network of delivery partners has made a significant investment in developing and offering dedicated training activities to support individuals who are interested in the attainment of the CGBP designation, and they have ongoing needs for CGBP training materials.  Although NASBITE International does not currently provide these partners with training materials, this is an area of service that the organization intends to enter. 


1.4.2 CGBP Student Study Chapters



NASBITE International has an interest in potentially establishing a student-led national association of business students (i.e., established within business schools in most states).  This association would serve as an overarching organization for CGBP study chapters.  Foreseeably, these student chapters would hear from local experts in international trade (e.g., invited on campus as guest speakers), be provided with a local CGBP mentor, be offered access to training materials, encouraged to follow a prescribed study schedule and to prepare for the CGBP exam (in conjunction with their studies).   Student leadership opportunities within this organization would be offered to promote participation and recruitment.   


2.0 Services to Be Provided by Host Organization



The NASBITE International host performs a range of activities in support of the organization.  Although these can vary over time (i.e., as needs evolve and as determined and agreed upon by the host and the BOG), the host will primarily be expected to undertake the following services in support of NASBITE Internationals current and planned activities:

2.1 Association Management and Leadership

The host organization shall provide overall leadership and staff structure to support the activities of NASBITE International.  Please provide an organizational diagram of proposed host staff that will be engaged to support this effort.  


2.2 General Office

In support of the NASBITE International organization:


a. Provide space and furnishings for staff supporting NASBITE International efforts. 

b. Handle all correspondence and inquiries related to NASBITE International. 

c. Maintain an electronic file of all official NASBITE International correspondence, historical records, budget documents, bylaws, contracts, and policies and procedures manual – making all of this material easily available to the NASBITE International BOG, and (as directed by the EC) online to the membership. 

d. Coordinate conference calls for NASBITE International meetings. 

e. Make all meeting arrangements and pay for all meeting expenses with approval of the President and Secretary/Treasurer. 

f. Take, distribute, and archive minutes of BOG and EC meetings. 

g. Maintain mailing and email lists of NASBITE International members, potential members, CGBP awards, CGBP test takers, NASBITE International award winners, and other organizations who work with NASBITE International. 

h. Send out membership renewal invoices and certificates of membership. 

i. Provide meeting space for an annual EC meetings at the host location.



2.3 Annual Conference


Utilizing a hotel selection template, issue an RFP to Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB)  in conference cities selected by the BOG.   When possible, attend CONNECT Marketplace Conference to identify potential cities / properties for further consideration by the EC.

a. Leverage CVB in proposed cities and if needed, visit short-list of proposed conference cities through familiarization-trips.

b. Based upon the site information generated by this RFP, the Executive Director shall provide the EC with hotel venue historical data, attributes, and cost options, in order for the EC to make a final city selection including comparison of potential F&B costs.

c. Coordinate with selected conference hotel and facility management and finalize conference contract for final approval by EC.

d. Develop, design, proof, and publish conference promotional website, social media campaign, and related conference promotional activities.  Promotions should be aimed not only at existing NASBITE International stakeholders, but also toward possible corporate attendees within reasonable driving distance to the conference venue.

e. Handle all registration activities (receipt, confirmation letter, attendance list, name tags, ribbons, etc.). 

f. Recruit and secure exhibitors/ sponsors.

g. Solicit and secure conference presentations, and notify submitters of acceptance or rejection as instructed by the EC.

h. Solicit and receive award nominations, and forward to the Awards Chair.

i. Arrange billing and communication with conference exhibitors. 

j. Coordinate speaker arrangements and determine final conference agenda in coordination with the EC. 



k. Develop, design, and purchase Program Excellence, Educator of the Year, State, and Lifetime Achievement awards. 

l. Develop, design, print, and distribute the conference program (with EC approval). 

m. Liaise with conference facilities management to offer attendees and exhibitors assistance during the conference. 

n. Organize, promote, and coordinate the student case-competition at the conference including:

i. In coordination with the President, solicit and select the company to participate in the student case completion.

ii. In coordination with the President, write the case or facilitate the case write-up.

iii. Promote the case competition.

iv. Solicit and document team applications.

v. In coordination with the EC, select an external review panel.

vi. Manage case competition evaluations by external review panel.

vii. Conduct all correspondence with student teams, advisor, and case company.

viii. Manage related activities at the conference including case competition presentation, case company participation, and awards ceremony.

o. Develop, deliver, and collect conference presentation evaluations.

p. Develop, circulate, collect, and summarize results of post-conference attendee survey. 



2.4 NASBITE International CGBP  


The stewardship of the NASBITE International CGBP and several related activities are key to the growth and ongoing success of this credential.   NASBITE International’s goal is to increase the number of CGBP applicants and recipients, and this involves the following activities: 

2.4.1 Act as the Steward of the CGBP Credential 

a. In conjunction with the BOG, develop and implement marketing activities to promote the CGBP professional qualification and related programs including recertification and training.

b. Maintain all information relating to the CGBP on the NASBITE International website including exam details, testing windows, recertification process, accredited training programs and certified CGBP trainers.

c. Maintain a current listing of CGBP credential holders on the NASBITE International website.

d. Coordinate with exam vendor required communication such as confirmation of exam windows and public information presented on website.

e. Provide post-CGBP exam follow-up including sending certificates and ongoing communications to test takers.

f. Maintain database of ongoing candidate statistics. 




2.4.2 Promote and Facilitate the CGBP Recertification Process


a) Ensure CGBPs are aware of recertification requirements .

b) Ensure the value proposition for CGBP recertification resonates with those who have taken and passed the CGBP exam.

c) Promote CGBP recertification. 

d) Maintain the CGBP recertification application and maintenance process (including online application for CGBPs to submit their recertification CEUs, payment, and maintaining personal details).



2.4.3 Expand and Service NASBITE Internationals Network of CGBP Training Partners


a) Engage existing CGBP training partners to understand their needs and support their training delivery efforts.

b) Engage prospective CGBP training partners to grow the network of delivery partners.

c) Promote the value associated with CGBP trainer certification.

d) Promote the value associated with CGBP training program accreditation.

e) Process and approve applications from individuals who want to become certified trainers.

f) Process and approve applications for institutions to approve their training programs.

g) Look for opportunities to better serve this network of training delivery partners.




2.4.4 National Student Network of CGBP Study Chapters


a) Review models of other student-led associations to identify best practices that could be employed to develop a student-led national association of CGBP study chapters (i.e., established within business schools in most states).  

b) Propose a business model (to the NASBITE International Board of Governors) for an organization that would serve this purpose.  

c) An ideal model would leverage such means as student leadership, (on campus, at the state-level, and regionally) and make use of volunteer CGBP mentors to minimize the cost and effort required to run such an organization.

d) On approval by the board of governors, initiate, promote and build this organization in support of NASBITE International’s interest in increasing the level of trade-related expertise in business graduates. 



2.4.5 Provision of CGBP Study Materials  


a) Engage with representatives at state-level partners that have accredited training programs to assess their ongoing needs for CGBP training materials.

b) Identify opportunities for NASBITE International to provide materials for the needs of partners that have CGBP accredited training programs. 

c) Also consider the study materials needs of students that will be part of the CGBP Study Chapters (see 2.4.4. immediately above) and those of other stakeholders as well.



d) Make recommendations to the NASBITE International Board of Governors for a business model that would allow NASBITE International to provide CGBP training materials to this range of stakeholders.  




2.5 Grow NASBITE Internationals Membership and Membership Services



As previously stated, The membership of NASBITE International includes a diverse range of stakeholders.  To support the ongoing growth of this membership, host applicants must be prepared to undertake the following: 


a. Review and evaluate the needs of each of these stakeholder groups on an ongoing basis and determine whether or not the value proposition for membership is adequate to sustain their ongoing interest in maintaining their affiliation with the organization

b. Develop new initiatives to provide better service to these members (i.e., enhanced membership benefits) to increase membership revenues. 

c. Nurture positive relationships with members. 

d. Grow NASBITE International’s membership.



2.6. Website Management 

a) Review and evaluate the needs of NASBITE International’s various stakeholder groups on an ongoing basis and determine whether or not the information and services that are provided on NASBITE International’s website are aligned with their needs.

b) As needed, liaise with website development contractors, ordering all necessary changes, and updates to the site structure, layout, navigation, and aesthetics; noting that substantial changes must be submitted for prior approval to the EC.

c) Arrange for ongoing technical support of the NASBITE International website(s).

d) Manage website content and keep it current on an ongoing basis.


Review and evaluate internal information needs and the adequacy of the current online Client Relationship Management System (CMS), which is being used for registrations for membership, conferences, meetings; recertification (including the collection and accounting for any fees; and notification of registrants of their status).

e) Make recommendations for system changes when needed by submitting requests to the EC for approval (i.e., if proposed changes cost more than the budgeted funds).



2.7. Social Media  


Maintain NASBITE International’s social media presence on Linkedin and use other social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.) to help develop and grow an active and engaged network of NASBITE International stakeholders.


3.0 Financial Management  

The Host Institution serves as NASBITE International’s operational arm and therefore holds primary responsibility for the organization’s fiscal affairs.  The organization’s finances are managed by the host

with the cooperation of the President and Treasurer of NASBITE International. NASBITE International’s current size limits the scope of activities that can be pursued, so revenue growth is important, and the host must therefore be highly entrepreneurial in its approach. As a non-profit organization, NASBITE International seeks to provide activities that will support the organizational mission while maintaining the integrity and adequacy of our corporate reserves. Accurate budget forecasting is crucial and execution of the activities that are in the budget must be approached frugally while still providing good value that meets the needs of our stakeholders. Host activities that support this effort are as follows: 


a) Develop an achievable annual operational budget (for board approval) that will fully support organizational needs for each year. Conservative forecasts are preferred (to ensure that financial targets can be met). 

b) Maintain accurate and timely consolidated financial records showing all NASBITE International accounts using Quickbooks and other accounting systems established by the BOG..

c) Secure and report revenues in a timely manner.

d) Facilitate payment of expenses on an ongoing basis. 

e) Maintain a monthly budget, track actual revenues and expenditures (relative to the approved budget), track projected variations to the approved budget and provide updates to the Secretary/Treasurer and the President on a monthly basis. 

f) Assist the BOG appointed external accounting firm to prepare and file the annual tax return and maintain IRS compliance; tax return to be approved and signed by the Secretary/ Treasurer or other NASBITE International officer.



4.0 Submission of Proposals


4.1 Questions and Clarifications: Questions or clarifications by organizations intending to submit a proposal should be submitted via email to Executive Board member Jim Foley ( by January 15, 2016.  Questions will be compiled into a single response and shared with all organizations submitting questions.


4.2 Non-binding Letter of Intent: Organizations intending to submit a proposal are asked to email a non-binding letter of intent to Dr. Kelly Fish, President, ( by February 15, 2016.


4.2 Proposals: Responses to this call for proposals should be submitted to the NASBITE International Board of Governors no later than March 15th, 2016 and directed to Dr. Kelly Fish, President of the NASBITE International Board of Governors (Contact , P: (870) 972-3986 ).  


4.3 Final Presentation: Finalists will be notified by March 25th and will be required to travel to Newport, RI to make a 30 minute presentation to the NASBITE International Board of Governors on April 6th.


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